About Honest Learning

We as a nation must stop wavering and getting our ears tickled by the “latest” educational fads. There is no excuse for our high illiteracy rate. We must remain steadfast and instruct the upcoming generations with excellence.

Honest Learning is on a mission to restore and renew American education. Research reveals that many American universities are not training future educators on effective literacy instruction. The result is students are ill-prepared for college and the real world. They are not only competing with their peers, but also with students from around the world. It is essential to remediate on time, not wait till the college application process.

Honest Learning uses tried and true resources and strategies to accelerate learning for middle and high school students, thus preparing them to compete globally.

It is time to provide sound instruction grounded in wisdom.

It is time for a restoration and renewal. Ready to join us?

Contact: teach@honestlearning.org
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